Hospitals and Airports have a lot in common

Hospitals are under constant pressure to reduce costs, regroup in networks and reduce the number of beds in their facilities. This evolution has created the need to better plan resources, has put a lot of stress on staff to give patients the care that they need with less staff and increased the need to reduce the duration of the hospitalisation. While at the same time, patients have become more demanding and clearer on their needs.

This increased the need for digitalisation, data exchange and collaboration in a complex environment, where the safety of the patient and the privacy of his data is critical.

Airport Intelligence is supporting hospitals to leverage its airport knowledge and best practices to manage the patient flow in the most effective, safest and patient-friendly way.

Examples of services provided

  • Patient Flow Optimisation
  • Security Assessment & Improvement
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Process Digitization
  • Development and implementation of Hospital Coordination Centres
  • Introduction of data-driven decision making and planning


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