Continuous improvement to remain the customers’ first choice

Transportation has become a tremendously competitive industry since several options and companies are available to customers. Transport operations investment on continuous improvement is key to remain their customer’s first choice in such a competitive environment.

Airport Intelligence put at the service of transportation operators their knowledge and expertise in operations optimisation, supply chain improvement, technology implementation and digitalisation to create competitive advantages. tics operators need to manage goods transportation efficiently and in a safe and secure environment

Examples of services provided

  • Assessment and evaluation of the existing processes and constraints
  • Development of improvement plans
  • Development of a concept of operations and operations plans
  • Application of advanced technologies to develop forecasting and predictive models
  • Process digitisation
  • Customer experience assessment & improvement
  • Safety assessment & improvement
  • Security assessment & improvement
  • Project management


  • Ports
  • Rail operators
  • Cargo operators
  • Logistics hubs

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