Large venues and airports face similar challenges

Large venues are complex structures where several processes occur at the same time. People flows have to be constantly managed and a number of stakeholders need to be coordinated. Furthermore, similar to airports, large venues share a customer-centric approach always striving to provide a great customer experience while ensuring the highest levels of safety, security and efficiency.

Airport Intelligence leverages its broad experience in Operational Excellence, Customer Experience, Safety and Security to provide a range of services to large venues, including stadiums, sports arenas, music halls, convention centres, entertainment parks, commercial centres and museums.

Examples of services provided

  • Assessment and evaluation of the existing processes and constraints
  • Development of improvement plans
  • Development of a concept of operations and operations plans
  • Application of advanced technologies to develop forecasting and predictive models
  • Process digitisation
  • Customer experience assessment & improvement
  • Safety assessment & improvement
  • Security assessment & improvement
  • Project management


  • Stadiums
  • Sport arenas
  • Music halls
  • Convention centres
  • Entertainment parks
  • Commercial centres

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