Operational planning and optimisation

What we can do...

Process assessment and improvement:

  • Assessments:
    • Overall evaluation of existing modus operandi
    • Targeted and data-driven assessment of specific processes
    • Definition of mitigation measures for already identified bottlenecks
  • Process improvements:
    • Set-up of a data-driven improvement culture
    • Implementation of mitigation measures for targeted bottlenecks
    • Set-up of pro-active planning processes for events or adverse weather conditions

Operational coordination & decision making:

  • Overall assessment:
    • Maturity assessment of the organisation to set-up collaborative data-sharing and coordination
    • Maturity assessment and continuous improvement of an existing APOC
    • Stakeholder consultation and onboarding
    • Organizational change to support collaborative coordination mechanisms
  • A-CDM:
    • Development of a concept of operations for A-CDM
    • Implementation of A-CDM
  • APOC / Ground Coordinator:
    • Development of a concept of operations for a coordination centre
    • Identification of the main challenges & risks and recommendations
    • Implementation of a coordination centre

Operational forecasting and planning:

  • Definition of AOP:
    • Development of a concept of operations for an AOP
    • Identification of the main challenges & risks and recommendations for the set-up of an AOP
    • Definition of the AOP for a particular airport with main focus points to trigger performance
  • Modular approach to AOP development targeting main airport challenges:
    • Application of advanced technologies to develop forecasting and predictive models
    • Development of targeted solutions for operational bottlenecks
    • Development of demand-capacity balancing modules (DCB - landside and airside)
    • Development of post-OPS dashboards as a trigger for continuous improvement
  • AOP development:
    • Development and implementation of an Operational Plan

CDM: a step-by-step journey to improve airport performance


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