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Passenger forecasts as the basis of everything

Our forecasting models are using Machine Learning algorithms to reach very high levels of accuracy (pre-COVID 98%, during the pandemic 86%). Our passenger forecasts allow to forecast passengers on a daily basis, on flight level and at each step of the passenger journey. The output of this model is the input of every other forecast at the airport. Since all our models are transversally linked, silo thinking between airport processes is eliminated leading to a true holistic approach.

Forecasting offers great advantages, since it offers clear and sound insights for data-driven decision making, leading to:

  • Higher predictability, operational readiness and resilience
  • Reduced error margins and buffers, leading to cost reductions
  • Increased performance
  • Increased passenger experience

Our platform offers:

  • Sound visualisation of the forecast outputs
  • Easy adjustment of parameters
  • High level of automation, leading to swift output generation, allowing for frequent reruns

Forecasting models on each airport process step

We offer forecasting models on each airport process, below only a few examples.

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