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Efficient planning tools building on the latest forecasts

Integrated with the airport database and the forecasting platforms, these tools make planning of resources easy, swift and based on the latest insights in expected demand. The planning algorithms work with pre-defined business rules, ensuring automatic adherence to all possible constraints.

Our planning tools offer great opportunities for scenario analyses, to support data-driven and pro-active decision making.

Planning offers great advantages, since it optimally allocates your resources – be they workforce or assets, leading to:

  • Deployment of resources in line with demand, leading to increased passenger experience
  • Higher employee satisfaction, leading to better service to your passengers
  • Cost reductions, by avoiding overstaffing and reducing maintenance costs of assets
  • Better usage of assets, thus delaying investments

Our tools offer:

  • Automated integration of latest flight schedules and forecasts
  • Automated allocation based on pre-defined business rules
  • Clear overview of allocated resources
  • Easy adjustment of input parameters or manual adaptation of output

Planning models on different airport processes

We offer planning tools on different airport processes, below only a few examples.

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