Our Mission

Who we are and what we do

Mission statement

Founded in 2019, Airport Intelligence’s mission is to direct the expertise and knowledge of a major European airport to other organisations across the globe.

Our goal is simple: using the wealth of knowledge and operational excellence of Brussels Airport, we want to support our global clients in achieving their full operational potential with our proven set of methodologies and solutions

We are independent and technology agnostic; however, depending on specific challenges, we can call on a host of partners we worked with in the past to provide specific technical solutions or specialised resources where required.

Unique value proposition

Our vision is to be a world-leading specialised software vendor that continues to share the knowledge and expertise of a world-leading airport.

For over 80 years, Brussels Airport has been at the forefront of operational, safety and security excellence recognized by airlines, peers and professional associations. As colleagues from around the world continuously asked for help and support, we decided to formalise our offering and structure a set of tools and methods we repeatedly used to share with others. Our in-house AOP Software Suite offers a set of data-driven modules that empowers various stakeholders in regulated environments to turn information into proactive insights.

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