Monitor & mitigate

What we can offer...

Strong tools that bring insights to trigger decision making

Our offering includes the following strong platforms:

  • Overall airport performance monitoring, targeted at Airport Managers and Operational Coordination Centers ensuring the right triggers for pro-active mitigation of bottlenecks
  • Gate Manager, targeted at gate agents ensuring great insights for smooth boarding processes

Airport performance monitoring

Our real-time platform is the tool for the airport community that wants to be pro-active and data-driven. It offers an easy insight to the performance of the airport, now and in the coming hours. With predictive insights it triggers its users to take the right mitigation measures now and avoid bottlenecks in the future.

This platform was developed with its end-users – operational staff at the airport – giving them the tools and triggers they actually need, eliminating data overload and any need for training.

The platform incorporates a wide range of different modules, airports can decide to implement the full product suite, though each module can be implemented individually. Below three examples of modules on this platform.

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