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Safety Planning

  • Assessment of international and national regulations
  • Assessment of safety maturity of the organisation and its operations
  • Development and preparation of safety strategic objectives and strategic plans
  • Preparation and implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS), including setting up the organizational structure, governance and culture

Safety Assessments

  • Assessment of existing Safety Management Systems (SMS)
  • Safety Risk Assessments (SRA)
  • Analysis of existing safety infrastructure, equipment, processes and technology
  • Preparation and implementation of Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP)
  • Development of safety training and testing
  • Measurement of safety implementation and performance
  • Glare reflection analysis for solar panels

Safety Actions

  • Proficiency check
  • Root cause identification
  • Development of Curative and Preventive Actions (CAPA) Plans
  • Safety information communication with the wider community
  • Identification and understanding of industry best practice
  • Assessment of potential future regulatory requirements
  • Development of future safety objectives

Large-scale emergency drill 2019

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