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Airfield renovation

Proven track record:

  • The expertise of delivering several airfield renovation projects at Brussels Airport is now bundled in a proven framework
  • With the renovation of 3 runways, 2 major aprons and several taxiways in the past years, we have a proven track record of safely delivering multi-million infrastructure projects on time and within budget in a complex operational environment
  • We find the right balance between the best technical solution and minimal operational impact without having to concede on safety and security
  • Our experts have both the explicit knowledge captured through our framework, but more importantly the tacit knowledge that makes the difference in project delivery

What we can offer:

  • We can guide your airfield renovation through the appropriate approval steps of your company through our general project management
  • We can assess both what is required and how the best solution looks like, as aiding on how to do it
  • Starting from the asset management (or capacity) trigger with a feasibility study through concept analysis and preliminary technical design to the detailed design, procurement process and execution of the works: we are able to provide the whole package as focussing on one of these aspects
  • We possess the technical knowledge of specific airfield assets such as runways, taxiways and aprons and all linked airport technologies. This ranges from the infrastructure side to the airfield lighting system
  • Designing the right technical solution for your airfield renovation in line with EASA regulations
  • We have the right experts to assess the operational impact and minimise the impact of executing an airfield renovation in an operational airport environment
  • We know how to mitigate the risks associated with executing works on the airfield so these can be executed safely without incidents
  • Managing the stakeholders that are impacted by or might influence your project has proven to be an important aspect of any airfield renovation requiring expert advisory.


Security design:

  • Assessment of regulations, best industry practices and company requirements
  • Assessment of security maturity of the organisation and its operations
  • Audits and security assessments
  • Analysis of infrastructure and equipment (e.g. screening technology, perimeter protection, etc.)
  • Measurement of security performance
  • Creation of incident reporting

Security improvements:

  • Creation of a security-driven culture within your organization
  • Support in reinforcing security by analysing new opportunities and technologies
  • Establishment of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
  • Anticipating regulatory future requirements and driving necessary changes
  • Development of a continuous improvement and learning process

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