Cookie policy

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small data items that we save in your browser or on the hard drive of your computer. That way we can remember your preferences when using our website.

Airport Intelligence uses essential cookies, which are necessary to the use of the website for you as a visitor and non-essential cookies such as statistical, advertising and social media cookies.

Unless you have adjusted your browser settings so that it will refuse cookies, our system will place cookies as soon as you visit our website.

For any questions about this cookie policy, please contact us at

2. Usage of cookies

Airport Intelligence uses cookies to collect personal data when you visit our website such as IP address, operating system, the type of browsers you are using, the number of times you visited the website and the pages you visited.

Our website uses cookies and similar technologies to differentiate your usage preferences from that of other users of our website. This helps us to provide you with a better user experience when you visit our website and also allows us to optimize our website.

However, cookies and similar technologies do not allow for systematic data collection by means of which the users of our website could be identified. They only help us to improve the user experience, increase the security, enhance the operation of our website, understand the interests of our users, measure the effectiveness of the content of our website, identify and solve problems and help with defining the marketing purposes. We may also use cookies for other purposes such as the commercialization of our company.

Pursuant to the legislation in force, all websites aimed at certain parts of the European Union are required to seek your consent for the use or storage of cookies and similar technologies on your computers or mobile devices. This cookie policy gives you clear and complete information about the cookies we use and their purpose. 

3. How to disable cookies?

You can check the use of cookies through your browser settings and other tools. You can configure your browser to disable, reset or block the use of cookies or similar technologies. However, it is possible that without the use of cookies, our website will not work properly. Certain graphic elements or applications/features on the website may not work as well as they would with cookies enabled.

The links below provide more information about disabling cookies per browser:

Are you using a different browser? Check whether the procedure for your browser is included on the website

4. Owner of the cookie(s)

4.1 First-party cookie

First-party cookies are cookies that are managed by Airport Intelligence and are specific for the visited or used online service/website.

4.2 Third-party cookie

Third-party cookies are cookies that are managed and placed by a third party. This happens during your visit or use of the website. Third-party cookies enable that certain information is sent to third parties by your visit to our website. Third parties collect this data so that they can understand and improve the functioning of our website. For more information about the use of cookies by third parties, we refer you to the website of the relevant third party, as they will use cookies in accordance with their own cookie policy. It is important to note that the policy of such a third party can differ from our policy.

5. Types of cookies

5.1 Essential cookies

These are cookies that are required for a normal visit and the proper functioning of the website. They include, for example, cookies that enable users to log in to secure areas of the website or cookies that ensure the uniformity of the layout of the website. These cookies may be placed without your consent. We also recommend that you do not disable these cookies as they may cause you to lose basic website functionality or access to certain parts of the website.

5.2 Statistical cookies

Based on these cookies, anonymous data is collected about how visitors use our website. This is done with the intention to improve the content of our websites. We ask for your consent before placing these cookies.

5.3 Advertising cookies

These cookies optimise advertisements based on your web behaviour. We ask for your consent before placing these cookies.

5.4 Social media cookies

Our website can implement so-called embedded elements of social media channels, such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. They are used to integrate social media into the website via plug-ins. We ask your consent before placing these cookies

6. Specific cookies used on Airport Intelligence

Last updated: 13/04/2021

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