A-CDM the first step in a collaborative journey

Creating a collaborative environment to implement A-CDM

Implementation of A-CDM is an important step in the realisation of transparent data-sharing among airport partners. It is the basis for the creation of mutual trust and further collaborative engagements that will increase the overall airport performance.

Brussels Airport was the second airport in Europe to become A-CDM compliant back in 2010. While the set-up of A-CDM requires the necessary tools to support the sharing of data, it is foremost a change in culture and mindset. Airport Intelligence has the right experience to support your airport in the development of the concept of operations and the implementation of A-CDM.

Continuously improving A-CDM

While the implementation of A-CDM at Brussels Airport dates back to 2010, the work has not stopped. Implementing A-CDM is a cultural change, requiring constant follow-up and optimisations.

Over the years, Brussels Airport has undertaken different initiatives to ensure continued data quality and adherence to the principles. While implementation of A-CDM was a significant game changer in the way ecosystem partners collaborated, it proved only to be the beginning of an interesting journey, leading to the set-up of the Airport Operations Centre and the development of the Airport Operations Plan.

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