Co-locating partners to foster true collaboration

A unique concept integrating internal and external stakeholders to ensure a smooth end-to-end journey

Although the introduction of transparent data-sharing as part of an A-CDM implementation is an essential element in setting up a collaborative environment, true collaborative decision making however can only be realized by bringing people together and promoting bi-directional communication. By establishing a working relationship between employees from different departments or even companies, true transversal coordination is created.

With the ambition to enhance the management of the complexity of a transfer hub in the most efficient and passenger friendly way, Brussels Airport implemented its Airport Operations Centre in 2015.

The concept of the Airport Operations Centre as implemented in Brussels Airport is unique in its kind as it focusses on all airport processes (accessibility, pax, bag and aircraft) to ensure a smooth and efficient end-to-end-journey for the passenger. Moreover, in this APOC not only all operational departments of the airport are co-located, the room also integrates external partners such as handlers, airlines and subcontractors.

Proven value as the trigger for continued optimisations

Over the years, the Airport Operations Centre has become the indisputable nerve centre of the airport. The value added is clear and supported by the management of all involved. A constant drive exists to further improve the way the APOC functions and how its members interact.

A proven track record ensured that different other stakeholders requested to be integrated in the APOC. The experience and lessons learned triggered modification in ways of working, development of tools and a redesign of the premises.

Even though the physical co-location of stakeholders holds important benefits to promote a collaborative environment, virtual coordination centres or hybrid solutions certainly hold alternative opportunities.

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