Passenger screening optimisation

How to improve the security operating model to avoid queuing and thus reduce stress

Throughput is the key metric for an efficient passenger screening process and to avoid queues. Several factors can impact the throughput and deteriorate waiting times for the passengers.

At Brussels Airport several elements had impacted the screening process:

  • Increased number of passengers with hand luggage
  • Introduction of an automatic tray system and remote screening
  • New security regulations

Resulting in a significant drop in throughput. By applying a structured revision of the screening process this negative trend could be reversed:

  • Application of a Lean Six Sigma Approach
  • Virtual flow simulations to assess the gains of improvements
  • Trial set-up and evaluations in a live environment

A proven methodology with important benefits

After successful trialling, the hardware and process changes were implemented and the staff was trained, bringing important benefits:

  • Throughput increase of 20% with increased stability of the process
  • Yearly OpEx reduction of 8.5%
  • Clean environment, increasing passenger and staff experience
  • Increased wellbeing of the staff

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